JynxJynxJynx treats her husband just like a slave. She makes him to walk around the house completely naked, to sleep on the floor and to wear a chastity belt. He appeared in front of her in such form when she came back home late at night with her lover. Wife decided to punish the husband truly rude, and makes him to watch how pleasantly she fucks with her lover.


JessicaJessicaJessica, though beautiful girl but her character is quite hard. There are not much things in life that can make her satisfied and her husband already has experienced all goods of her character on himself. She turned him into an errand boy in one year of living together. And now husband is doing his best on satisfying any of her desire. Because he loves her too much. But recently, her desires began to be pretty strange. And now she brought home a cute lover, and told her husband that if he doesn’t like something, he is free to go everywhere.


CharlotteCharlotteGorgeous Sharlotta is lying on the bed and chatting with her friend. She is flirting with him for pretty long time. Her husband came into the bedroom. He sat on the bed next to her and began to hint that it would be nice to have fun on this weekend day. However, Charlotte does not want to have sex with her husband for long time. But she definitely wants to fuck with her friend. So now she decides to do things that has desired for pretty long time. And she don’t care about her looser hubby!

Angie Moon

Angie MoonAngie MoonAngile’s story continues, once again she invites her gorgeous lover to her apartment, without hesitating the husband. This guy has to stand out all this because madly loves his young beautiful wife. He understands that if he says a word across to her he won’t see her anymore.

Sophia Deville

Sophia DevilleSophia DevilleSlutty wife is in the bedroom with her husband. She talks on phone with family friends and invites them to visit. These friends came up after the wife has visited the swinger club. And now this couple came. They were not so much surprised that the husband crawls on his knees in front of his wife, they even liked it. However, the girlfriend had to leave soon and our three heroes were left alone.


SallySallyAfter that time Sally realized that now she shouldn’t be ashamed of her desires. Two men at once with her, she gets twice more pleasure. Husband’s tongue fondles her pussy without losing a single moment, and she is fully given to her huge dicked lover. It turns her on so strongly!

Angie Moon

Angie MoonAngie MoonAngile is a beautiful domineering chick married to a guy with a small cock. She could not stand it out too long and began to dominate on her husband. She turned her husband into a slave in a short time. He implicitly fulfilled all her whims and endured her infidelity. Now Angile does not even hide that she has lovers and invites one of them to their home…


SynthiaSynthiaYoung Synthia was outdoors at nature with her boyfriend. They were spending pleasant time during their picnic. But their idyll was interrupted by some brutal male that was doing some sport exercises nearby to them. When Synthia saw the sporty stranger she couldn’t take her eyes off him. She introduced with him, no matter that her boyfriend tried to dissuade her. She hates to be limited in pleasures. She gives her friend a choice to suffer her whim, or he can get out of here. Boyfriend had nothing left but to stand out all the whims of his beautiful girlfriend.


SallySallySally has a nice, caring husband. And her all girlfriends are jealous. But they don’t know that her husband got tiny penis. And hot Sally loves much bigger. She enjoyed some pleasure at beginning, but short time later she stopped. Because of it she looks at other men appraisingly. And when she thinks about her husband, she becomes sad. Now she decided to stop this! And her husband seems ready to accept it.


MargaretMargaretSexy Margaret is having rest at the nature with her husband. They stopped on Lake Coast and enjoying the beauty of nature until some young stranger man appeared near them. Margaret invites the stranger to their company. After having nice chat, Margaret decides that she wants to know the stranger better. And the presence of her husband does not frighten even a little…


OliviaOliviaThe story continues. Olivia invites her lover to her home once again. Her husband is at his usual place, by the feet of his wife. He is allowed to watch his wife having fun with her young lover and he is going to take orders only to lick the shoes. Husband timidly watches his passionately absorbed wife having sex. And now the wife slides her asshole on lover’s dick. Passionate sex lasts until the lover cums in Olivia’s mouth. And she spits out everything from her mouth into her husband’s mouth. Yes, this pathetic loser got a nasty couple!


OliviaOliviaOlivia came back home almost in the morning drunk and not alone. She brought with her a young handsome guy. It was obvious, that they had a good time this night, and now she invited him to her place. This guy got impressed when he found out that Olivia is married and her husband is at home right now. However, Olivia hurried to reassure the boyfriend, and told him that there is nothing to worry about. And moreover, it will be fun!

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